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The PAINFUL and Shocking Reality About Teeth Whitening

Today you are at far greater risk than just losing your money or being disappointed in poor results from many over-the-counter or online tooth whitening systems literally flooding the market.

Whitening your teeth can take years off your age as it transforms your appearance… but if things go wrong your teeth and gums could suffer serious irreversible damage and your smile could look hideous.

Dental professionals adhere to strict whitening guidelines concerning the chemical composition of whitening agents and the strength of gels used. A gel that is too strong can cause pain and sensitivity to your teeth as well as burn your gums. On the other hand a gel that is administered that is too weak will not work irrespective of how many times it’s applied.

Inexpensive DIY kits have become extremely popular as they may seem like a quick and logical alternative to professionally applied whitening’s from a dentist. Over the long term however, the damage that they can do to your teeth is alarming and can be extremely costly to treat.

The biggest problem with DIY kits stems from the supplied mouth trays. Unlike the custom made trays a dentist will provide you with which snugly fit into your mouth and around your teeth, DIY kit trays aren’t perfectly shaped to fit your unique mouth contour. As a result the gel may not work as effectively and it is more likely to seep out of the trays and onto your gums causing potentially painful damage.

Blistered gums caused by the high levels of whitening ingredients leaking from poorly shaped mouth trays, and gum shrinkage caused by a high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide are some of the adverse side effects of cheap DIY kits causing significant irreversible damage with long term use. As the gum shrinks the tooth nerves can also be exposed leading to sensitivity, pain and nerve damage.

Correctly administered teeth whitening can provide you with naturally-white teeth producing a more attractive smile and youthful appearance. It can be great confidence booster. It’s one of the most affordable cosmetic enhancements you can have however you should always consult a dentist before you have any kind of teeth whitening treatment.

Why? Because a check-up is necessary to spot leaking fillings, cracked teeth and cavities where whitening products can seep in causing extreme pain and discomfort leading to costly dental treatment.

Inexpensive DIY kits really aren’t worth the risk.

How To Safely Get Naturally-White Teeth, Forever

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