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Do You Instinctively Lift Your Hand To Cover Your Smile? Do You Feel Self-Conscious When Made to Laugh?

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These days, when I observe adults laugh, many almost immediately close down as soon as they begin – withholding much of their joyful exuberance out of sheer embarrassment of their teeth, which saddens me.

Remember how as a child you would laugh uncontrollably. Uninhibited, to the extent that tears of joy filled your eyes. I have precious memories of my daughter growing up where I’d tickle her until she laughed so hard and uncontrollably with happiness that she would almost cry. Her bright eyes sparkling as she carried the hugest beaming smile on her face that you could ever imagine.

I think of the liveliness, joy and youthfulness that laughter creates in all of us. Sadly so many people suppress these beautiful emotions and miss these wonderful experiences out of self-conscious shame.

It doesn’t have to be like this where you feel shy, embarrassed or hold back because of your lack of confidence in your smile.

Too Many Adults Are Suppressing Themselves… Fearful Of Their Own Smile

Intentionally concealing their emotions. Restraining their joy and the natural happiness that they want to share with loved ones, friends and even complete strangers.

Perhaps this is you?

If so, then things could all be about to change.

For over 20 years we’ve specialised in restoring people’s happiness, joy and confidence to countless patients. Enabling them to really be able to shamelessly roar with laughter again, boasting beautiful bold smiles.

Wouldn’t you like to restore your smile and regain confidence so that without fear you can spontaneously share your laughter with others?

At Dental Plus Maroubra we can assist you with a variety of cosmetic dentistry options. We have undergone extensive training and invested in the latest dental technology so that you can experience exceptionally comfortable visits, including the ability for you to “twilight snooze.” This reduces any anxiety while undergoing treatment (using oral sedation). As a result you can get more achieved in fewer visits, thus reducing the need to dozens of appointments like at other practices.

We put you first, caring and treating you like our own family.

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