Meet The Team

Dr. Michael Katsillis


Dr. Katsillis has a BDS from Sydney University, he and his wife Leonie have two children Brooke and Jarrod.
Likes: Outdoors
Dislikes: Sydney traffic
Most annoying habit: perfectionist
Guilty pleasure: too much food
What Inspires you: Seeing the children grow & mature into Adults
Sports and hobbies: Coastal walks swimming fishing and fixing things
What do you do in your spare time: try to get outdoors

Kristy Cavell

Dental Assistant

Kristy has been a dental assistant since 2000 and has three beautiful children with her husband Chris.
Likes: a day out with kids; catching up with friends; a good movie
Dislikes: littering; talking in cinema
Most annoying habit: my husband says its my singing?
Guilty pleasure: cadbury chocolate & cheese
What Inspires you: My children inspire me. Watching them grow and learn new things inspires me to learn and take on new challenges.
Favourite movie: I can’t narrow it down to one so here are a few… Dirty Dancing, Point Break, Taken, The Dressmaker and Brave Heart.
Sports and hobbies: I enjoy Yoga when I find time in between watching my child play their many sports. I also enjoy kayaking.
What do you do in your spare time: When I’m not cleaning, I grab a good book and head to the beach.
What are your favourite things: Family, friends, holidays, summer and food.

Leonie Katsillis

Practice Manager

Prior to becoming a practice manager, Leonie was previously a ballroom Dancer and worked in administration.
Likes: excercising & coastal walks
Dislikes: washing up dishes
Most annoying habit: asking too many questions
Guilty pleasure: Darrell Lea red liquorice
What Inspires you: early morning exercise classes
Favourite movie: T.V show Big Bang Theory
Sports and hobbies: Ballroom dancing
What do you do in your spare time: walk my dog
What are your favourite things: going to movies, dancing , gardening