Orthodontics from Maroubra's professional dentists

Dental plus provides orthodontic and preventive dentistry services for children and adults in Marouba and the surrounding areas. We believe strongly in helping our patients maintain good oral health to avoid restorative treatment in the future, offering expert guidance on oral hygiene and performing regular check-ups.


We also provide orthodontic services for anyone whose teeth are misaligned, ensuring healthier teeth and gums into the future.

Orthodontic treatment will:

  • Straighten or move teeth
  • Improve the appearance of your smile
  • Improve overall function of teeth
  • Protect your teeth, gums and jaw joints from undue pressure

Orthodontics Children


Orthodontics Adults



When you come to us for orthodontic treatments, your dentist will first carry out a full examination of your teeth and gums, to ensure an accurate diagnosis and tailor-made treatment. We'll also take X-rays at this stage, as well as mould of your teeth and gums, discussing the best options for intervention with you.


Depending on your individual circumstances, your treatment may then include fitting braces or invisible aligners. It can take anything from a new months to a couple of years to fully align your teeth, but you can rest assured of receiving a treatment plan designed to meet your exact needs at Dental Plus.