General dentistry services from Maroubra's
experienced clinic

For general dentistry services in Maroubra, visit our clinic at Dental Plus for everything you need. With decades of experience in providing quality dental care we offer reliable and affordable services you can trust, working with both children and adults. From crowns and fillings, to root canal treatment and more, our dentists can handle all manner of dental problems for your convenience.

Visiting our practice

When you come to Dental Plus, we'll first carry out a routine check-up to establish the health of our teeth and gums and identify any potential problems . If any follow-up treatment is required, then we'll discuss this with you and agree on a suitable treatment plan.


This may involve anything from routine fillings for cavities, and scales and polishes to remove plaque and tartar, to fitting crowns over broken or damaged teeth. Root canal treatment may also be necessary if your tooth has become infected, but whatever the issue, your dentist will follow a personalized treatment plan that addresses your needs.

Reconstructive treatment

We'll always make you feel relaxed and welcome when you come to our clinic and will never proceed with any treatment unless you're completely comfortable with it. If reconstruction is required - with dental bridges, implants or dentures - then you can rest assured of receiving the best quality treatment from our experienced team.


At Dental Plus, it's our job to help you get the smile you've always wanted.



Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Crowns and Bridges

Composite resin restorations

Veneers to provide a more youthful appearance